Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

When you’re ready to put your property on the market with the rest of the Chesterfield homes for sale, it’s important to know that your realtor is prepared, too. They’ll be ready to target your audience of prospective homebuyers with carefully focused strategies that will help sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Visual marketing can make or break a home offer

All photos, videos, and virtual tours of your home will be a part of your visual marketing plan. A realtor with master marketing skills will incorporate these visual aids into your home's MLS listing, a major database that shows available homes for sale. Your home listing will be digitally viewed hundreds—or thousands—of times by an audience of prospective homebuyers.

Needless to say, it’s essential that your listing is in tip-top shape. Photos at bad angles will not do your home justice, and a low-quality, blurry resolution will not inspire buyers to take a tour. Many home listings suffer from an inadequate number of photos, which in turn makes buyers suspicious of what they’re leaving out. For example, if the listing indicates three bedrooms but there's only a photo of one bedroom, many buyers will wonder why the other two are missing.

By having a talented realtor at your side, you can be rest assured that your listing will have quality photos at angles that highlight your home’s best features. Their close attention to detail will ensure your home’s listing is comprehensive, professional, and flattering.

A written property description can seal the deal for a tour

When buyers browse your home listing, they typically start with the photos and finish by reading the written description. If a buyer is on the fence about taking a tour of your home, the written description can be enough to make them reach out to their own agent about scheduling a viewing.

The written description can describe a home's features that are impossible to convey in photographs. For example, if you've renovated your home, the written description can specify how long ago the renovations were completed. On the other end of the spectrum, if your home is unique for a specific historical reason, the written description can intrigue would-be buyers by adding a piece about its past. Your listing will want to include attributes of your neighborhood that make it desirable, such as the specific location of your home and its proximity to major transit hubs or shopping destinations.

Together, the photos and written description work in symbiosis to market your home, and your realtor should know how to leverage these tools to ensure maximum buyer interest is met.

Knowing what “the audience” wants can earn you thousands more

A realtor who is a master marketer can determine the target audience for your home based on its size, location, and attributes. For example, suppose your home is a well-built 4-bedroom in the suburbs. In that case, your realtor might highlight aspects of the property that attract buyers who are seeking a suburban lifestyle, such as a snapshot of the playground across the street or the mention of your home’s proximity to schools in the description.

When home buyers search for Town and Country real estate listings, they’ll likely want to see the home’s outdoor spaces. Your realtor will know to include photographs of your backyard and highlight its aesthetically pleasing curb appeal.

A master marketer is professional in every interaction

Remember that as much as your realtor will be marketing your home to others, your realtor will also be marketing their own professional abilities—to you! An expert realtor will understand that your time is valuable and will be responsive, thorough, patient, and considerate throughout the process.

Your realtor should help you prepare to sell

Your realtor will give you an honest and thorough opinion on what to do to make your house shine when potential buyers view it. They can give you recommendations on staging professionals or tips and tricks to make your home appear in its best light, such as deep cleaning the home, decluttering each room, hiding personal belongings such as photographs, children’s artwork, and pet supplies, out of sight, and rearranging furniture so that the room feels open, spacious, and easy to move in. Their small tips like erasing pet odors and adding a lightly scented room spray to each space can go a long way in impressing buyers who view your home.

During this time, your realtor will also give you suggestions on how to elevate your home’s curb appeal. Little projects like clearing the yard of debris, fixing up flower beds, and power washing the driveway will show buyers that you’re a responsible homeowner and have taken care of the property.

Having local knowledge about your neighborhood can boost your chances of success

Your realtor should understand how to position your home favorably in the Chesterfield market. They’ll examine comparable home prices or “comps” to gather information on how much homes similar to yours are selling for and determine a fair listing price.

Realtors who are master marketers study the market and know how to price a home so that it won’t linger. If a home is priced too high, it might outprice otherwise motivated buyers. On the other hand, if it’s priced too low, buyers may think there’s something wrong with the property. A skilled realtor will know how to avoid this problem.

Work with the team of master marketers at Dillon Gray LeFan

There’s so much to be learned and gained from working with a skilled realtor. They can draw from their past experiences and expertise to provide you with invaluable information that will help your real estate process go smoothly.

The team at Dillon Gray LeFan work in professional harmony to provide their clients with top-tier services and help them successfully purchase or sell real estate. If you’re interested in purchasing Chesterfield real estate or Town and Country real estate, be sure to reach out to one of our expert St Louis real estate agents to get started on your home-buying journey.

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