Want to Renovate Your Chesterfield House? Here's Where to Start

Want to Renovate Your Chesterfield House? Here's Where to Start

Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of renovating your Chesterfield home? We understand. Renovation projects often start with uncertainty. Whether your property in this charming area holds historical significance or boasts more modern construction, diving into renovations here demands a thoughtful approach.
If you’re the proud owner of an older home in Chesterfield, preserving its unique character while adapting it to your current needs requires meticulous thought and planning. Whether you're reviving a worn-down gem or infusing modern updates while retaining historic charm, this guide will steer you confidently through the renovation journey.
Even if your property is newer, renovations demand attention to local regulations, permits, and more. Please consult with city, county, and fire district representatives before beginning any work to avoid costly oversights later on.
Let’s outline vital steps to consider when renovating your home. From navigating insurance requirements to asking the right questions and weighing essential factors, these guidelines aim to streamline your renovation while ensuring your space aligns with your vision."

Key Questions and Considerations

Start by addressing these vital questions and considerations:
  1. What permits do I need for my project?
  2. Are there any architectural guidelines or restrictions I need to follow?
  3. What is the estimated timeline?
  4. What is the projected cost?
  5. What is the warranty or guarantee on the work performed?
  6. Which contractor should I use? 
Of course, you'll also need a renovation plan to present to contractors, insurance companies, and possible lenders.

Consult the Historic Preservation Commission

Begin your renovation journey by consulting the Chesterfield Historic Preservation Commission. Even if your property isn’t considered historic, checking with the commission is prudent. They might have specific requirements regarding land boundaries, zoning, or surveys. While there may not be inherent restrictions, certain renovations on some properties undergo a review process.
Additionally, if you’re renovating a non-historic property or engaging in new construction in Chesterfield, the commission can still be a valuable resource. They might assist in finding artisans, contractors, or sourcing building materials.

Selecting the Right Contractor or Builder

The next crucial step is researching and gathering recommendations for reliable contractors in Chesterfield. Seek referrals through local networks and online platforms. Look for certifications or affiliations that highlight their expertise. The Dillon Gray Lefan team created a list of our trusted vendors to help in these instances!
Once you have a shortlist of potential contractors, review their portfolios. This offers insight into their professionalism and communication skills. Schedule consultations to acquire detailed cost estimates and project timelines. Comparing pricing, scope of work, and timelines will aid in your decision-making.
During the renovation, maintain meticulous documentation. This should include work details, invoices, contracts, subcontractor information, and warranties. These documents are invaluable for insurance claims, resolving disputes, and when it comes time to sell your home.
Remember, a strong relationship with your contractor significantly impacts the success of your home renovation. A well-executed project can notably enhance the property's resale value. Quality construction is crucial, even if you consider your home your forever haven.

Craft a Budget and Arrange Financing

Ensuring smooth progress and staying within budget during renovations is critical. Define your renovation project’s goals and priorities to allocate your budget effectively. Assess your financial capacity realistically, leaving room for unforeseen expenses. Often, homeowners will opt to finance their projects even when they can pay out of pocket in order to maintain liquidity and keep their options open during construction. 
Explore various financing options for home renovations in Chesterfield—consider home equity loans, refinancing, personal loans, or savings. The Dillon Gray Lefan team’s trusted vendors page may come in handy here, as well.

Check Insurance and Permit Requirements

Before commencing work, confirm that you have the necessary permits and insurance coverage in Chesterfield. Review your existing insurance policy, understanding coverage limits, exclusions, and renovation-related requirements.
Obtaining permits from the Chesterfield Building Department is crucial for various renovation aspects. They ensure compliance with state building codes, issue necessary permits, and conduct project inspections.
Notify your insurance company about your renovation plans, detailing the scope, timeline, and estimated costs. Request certificates of insurance from contractors, verifying general liability and worker’s compensation coverage. Consider builder's risk insurance for added protection during construction.
Every renovation project is unique, and insurance requirements may differ. Consult your insurance provider to determine specific coverage and endorsements required.

Looking to sell your newly renovated Chesterfield home? Think selling your unrenovated home and buying one that is already ready already is a better idea? Either way, contact Dillon Gray Lefan for all your real estate needs. With decades of experience, these top-tier St Louis real estate agents are ready to assist in achieving your goals.

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